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Benefits to Homeowner

  • Professional set up & dismantle
  • Healthier clean air circulating in the home
  • No heat or air conditioning loss
  • No dust build up in vents or on furnishings, sensitive electronics & personal items

our commitment

Once your project is to a point where you no longer require the Dust Guard system, a technician will return to your home and dismantle the equipment and remove it, opening up the space to the rest of your home.

We also supply other products that help keep the work area clean and safe.

Dust Guards Inc.is a company that rents out and professionally sets up all equipment required to filter air in an area that is being renovated ensuring dust does not move into other areas of the home.


Keep dust contained to the workspace and stop it from going through the rest of your home


Benefit to Contractor

  • Indoor cutting saves time & effort
  • Set up done by Dust Guards Inc 
  • Healthier work environment
  • Helps customers feel more comfortable about living through a renovation

We offer a service that reduces the stress of living in your home while it is being renovated.  We strive to implement the Dust Guard solution for you as if the work was being done in our own homes. 

Dust Guard technicians come to your home and customize the installation of a poly barrier using spring loaded poles which ensure there is no damage to paint or finishings.  Magnetic doors are installed to provide easy access to the work area. The air scrubber, is placed to create a negative pressure in the area being renovated.